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Project description (2016)

Al-Ikhlas Refugee school gave us the opportunity to work with the Rohingya refugee children. The United Nations considers the Rohingya one of the most persecuted communities in the world. 12 volunteers worked with 16 children over a period of 6 months. It was a very challenging project due to the transient nature of this community. Despite this the volunteers were very committed throughout the project and kept holding space for them even when they when the children were not able to come. Despite the erratic attendance we were greatly encouraged by the work the children were doing in their sandtrays.  The project with PT Foundation gave 10 volunteers the opportunity to work with 9 children living with HIV/AIDS.  The mothers were very supportive throughout the project ensuring the children not only attended regularly but were often early and eagerly waiting our arrival each week. The children were excited and looked forward to coming every week and took every opportunity to work in their trays utilizing the full hour at each session. The staff counselor who regularly works with the children remarked on transformation she has seen in the children as a result of the Expressive Sandwork program.

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PT Foundation
Al-Iklhas School
Yayasan Chow Kit
HumanAid Rainbow School of Love


Even a small donation can help a lost child.
Auch eine kleine Spende kann einem verlorenen Kind helfen.
También una pequeña donación puede ayudar un niño.

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